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Interested in getting on the air? Oak City Media is always on the lookout for new programming. But while some let anyone "play disc jockey" after some basic training? Getting on WKRP requires a serious commitment of TEAM:

T is for TIME

For each 2-hour programming block you produce, we require commitment of a third in another capacity: seeking out underwriters, staffing events, representing the station at a community event, tidying up around the studio. Whatever needs doing. "Third Hours" are accumulated, banked for use when needed to meet station needs.

E is for EFFORT

Each WKRP producer undergoes training, but to ensure the best on-air quality we expect ongoing effort. Write scripts out in advance. Have music selections ready. Come to the studio fully prepared. Know what you're going to say when you turn on the mic.


Just as we'll facilitate your goal of being on the air, we'll expect you to help others pursuing that goal when needed.


Membership in Oak City Media is a prerequisite for becoming a WKRP producer. Adult membership dues are $ 60 per year with a $ 60 Initiation Fee upon admission. Youth membership dues are $25 per year with a $ 25 Initiation Fee. Dues are payable each Janaury. Dues are prorated throughout the year, but Initiation Fees are not.

Still Interested?

Download and fill out our Membership Application and our Program Application, then use our online contact form to get started!

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